Njut av naturen, lugnet och historiens vingslag.
Welcome to Schisshyttan Manor!

A conference center in an idyllic setting

In southern Dalarna - right in the middle of Bergslagen - lies Schisshyttan Manor. The building dates back to 1735 but is in very good condition and holds all modern amenities. In total we can accommodate 25 overnight guests.

With a large number of bedrooms in the mansion and with the most scenic surroundings imaginable Schisshyttan is perfect for parties of 10 to 25 people. Visitors may choose to arrange their own housekeeping or hire the local catering company.

The mansion is framed by the lake Schissen and pristine forests on mossy ground. The environment is characterized by silence and serenity. The tranquility is complete. Guests can feel at home and enjoy undisturbed silence and the fantastic Bergslagen nature.

Schisshyttan cannot be described - it must be experienced!

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