Njut av naturen, lugnet och historiens vingslag.

Schisshyttan is engaged in hunting and wildlife management on about 4000 ha. On the grounds there are moose, deer, beaver, capercaillie and black grouse. In the lakes one may catch perch, pike and trout.

The purpose of wildlife management is to create a good balance between the wild and forestry. This is done by annually devising a shooting plan, setting up the wild fields and providing supporting feeding in the winter.

Each year, hunts are arranged for companies and individuals. All hunting can be tailored to specific requirements and is led by experienced professional hunters with some of the best dogs in Sweden.

Moose hunting primarily arranged as drive hunts for 12-15 people in October-February. Also exclusive stalk hunts with an elkhound is arranged for one or two people at a time.

Deer hunting is primarily arranged as in the form of stalk hunting August-September.

Beaver hunting is done by stalking next to one of the lakes and takes place in early spring when the ice melts.

Wildfowl is hunted with tree barking dog in the autumn and stalking on skis in the winter.

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